Course Regulations

For everyone to enjoy the use of the Hardisty Lake Golf Course, we ask our members and guest golfers to follow a simple set of regulations.
  1. No winter rules: Ball bust be played where it lies.
  2. If the power lines on #1, #2, or #3 are hit, either it or a provisional ball may be used. There is no penalty stroke.
  3. Clay pit on #6: Hazard ball may be played out, or one penalty stroke if carried out no nearer to the pin.
  4. All boundary fences are out of bounds.
  5. A ball must be lifted from cultivated ground, ground under repair, or staked trees and dropped no nearer the green without penalty.
  6. Replace all divots and repair ball marks on greens.
  7. Slower players must allow following players to play through.
  8. All carts are to stay on cart path where provided, stay clear of tees and 50 feet from the greens.
  9. No more than 4 players to a group.
  10. Only 2 people on each power cart.


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